ImageImageImageThe gods are in trouble. for countess centuries they have dominated the world. ruling together, tied in tenuous harmony. Together they have brought the world into an age of glory, of heroes, and philosophers, warrior, and kings. Where the foes of man are bound by the power of mighty Heroes and gifted champions. But In the south a new power rises. A new god, a dark god, a god who refuses all others and seeks to throw down the gods of man and replace them with his own dark domineering rule.
Through treachery and deceit this dark lord has struck the gods from there homes upon the earth, banishing them from their temples and casting them from their sacred groves. Cast back into their celestial realms, out of reach from the mortal plane. Across the lands of men the protection of the gods is waning. Orcs rampage from the highlands, trolls stir in the marshes, the fey lords plot and plan, dragons take wing from their wind swept roosts and ancient foes thought long dead spring from the misty seas.
Beyond the reach of their divine patrons the champions of the gods find themselves stripped of their powers, bereft of the gifts granted them by the gods, unable to face the boiling horrors. Convinced they have been abandoned the men and women of the world turn in desperation to the desert god uncaring of his cruel, close minded doctrine. a world once populated by warriors and heros swiftly finds itself the domain of cowards and sycophants as more nd more lands fall under the black gods sway.
Banished from the mortal coil by the deceit and trickery of this desert diety. The gods must turn to the only tools they have left in the mortal world…their children. The offsprings of god and man these divine scions are less than either but greater than both. with powers regular mortals can only dream of, and freedoms that the gods themselves envy, only the scattered and disenfranchised Demi-gods stand between the world and the black rule of a malevolent deity.

Let the god times roll

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