additional archetypes

Huskarl: cavalier archetype
Champions challenge: whenever a huskarl issues a challenge rather than doing damage equal to his class lvl he instead does damage equal to half his class lvl (minimum 1). At 3rd lvl he also does 1d3 aditional damage this extra damage increases by +1d3 every 3 lvls. 2d3 at lv 6 3d3 lvl 9 4d3 lvl 12etc.
This ability modifies the cavaliers challenge ability

Warhound: the huskarl is accompanied into battle by a ferocious warhound. This functions as a druids animal companion, using the huskarls class lvl as his effective druid lvl. This animal must be either a wolf or some variety of dog (other similar animals can be selected at the dm’s discretion).
At 4th lvl and again at 8th lvl a huskarl can choose to have another animal companion of the same type as his original. However if he has more than one he must divide up his class lvl between animal companions to determine their abilities. Once a lvl has been allocated to an animal companion it can not be redistributed until it either dies, or leaves the huskarl service. However whenever a huskarl gains a new animal companion he can redistribute lvls from his previous companions to the new one.
This ability replaces a cavaliers mount

Champions fury: starting at 1st lvl when making a full attack action a huskarl can choose to make another attack at his highest base attack bonus. However when he does so he suffers a -2 penalty to ac and a -4 to all attack rolls that turn. At 5th lvl the penalty decreases to -2 on attack rolls, the penalty to ac remains the same. At 10th lvl the huskarl can choose to make a second bonus attack at a further -2 to ac and -2 on all attack rolls for a total of -4 ac and -4 on attack rolls. At 15th lvl the huskarl can choose to take this bonus attack as part of a charge action
This ability replaces, expert trainer, tactician, and greater tactician

Shield breaker: starting at 3rd lvl when a huskarl successfully makes a charge action he gains a +4 bonus on attack rolls instead of the normal +2. In addition he gains a +4 to cmb on all bullrush, and sunder combat maneuvers
This ability replaces cavaliers charge

Battle laughter: starting at 6th lvl the huskarl gains a +6 to all saves against fear and compulsion affects while in melee combat. At 10th lvl the huskarl becomes immune to all fear and compulsion affects constantly.
This ability replaces the bonus feats gained at 12th and 18th lvls

Under the Valkyries gaze: starting at 11th lvl whenever a huskarl makes a successful charge action he does an additional 3d4 damage to the target of his charge. In addition if he succeeds in felling the first target of the charge he may continue onwards in a straight line in any direction up to his remaining movement and attack another target, the huskarls turn ends after the second attack is resolved.
This ability replaces mighty charge

Onward to Valhalla: the huskarls love of battle and scorn of death inspires those around him to echo these qualities. Starting at 17th lvl when a huskarl scores a successful critical hit he can use a free action to issue a war shout which cuases all allies within hearing distance to gain a +6 bonus on attack rolls and cmb to preform sunder, bulrush, disarm and overrun combat maneuvers and +5 on saves vs fear for a number of rounds equal to the huskarls constitution modifier.
This ability replaces master tactician

The boar’s tusk: starting at 20th lvl whenever the huskarl makes a successful charge action his first attack is treated as automatically threatening a critical hit. In addition if the attack confirms the huskarl treats the weapons crit multiplier as if it was one higher. In addition the target of the charge is staggered for 1d4 rounds ( a reflex save dc 10+1/2 lvl+str modifier negates)
This ability replaces supreme charge

additional archetypes

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