character creation

So character creation is pretty special for this campaign since you…well gods. So here’s the basic premise in an easy to understand bullet point system

1. Concept, this includes the usual concept stuff class, race, etc. but since this campaign is different it also includes you divine parent. Essentially just pick a god, a real world polytheistic god, and none of this xenu crap. This god represents part of who you are. All your god powers and abilities will be based on him/her.

2. Abilities, just a standard 4d6 take the three highest, rerole 1s deal here. You’ll end up with six stats to be attributed as you wish, in addition yo may add 1 point to any one stat you want. Making an 11 a 12 for instance. Then added racial ability modifiers. In addition to racial ability modifiers everyone will also receive a +2 in two stats and -2 in one other to be determined based on your divine parent. heres the basic method of ability rolling: you roll 4 dices adding the three highest together and rerolling ones. do that six times
that will give you six numbers ranging from six to 18 which you can then assign however you want. in addition you can add 1 point to one score, raising a 9 to a 10 for instance

3. Race, assume all core races are available(except gnomes, which I do not fancy) but if you pick human be sure to check the wiki tab “human rules” to see which variant. if you want to use any other race, including race builder, run it by me I’ll probably approve it so long as i can fit the existence of said race ino the campaign world. Note:templates are a no go for the most part if you want to use one more than life itself talk with me and we’ll work something out. also be sure to check out some campaign specific races in the wiki

4.class, all classes are available. Anything 3rd party though ask, once again it’s almost a guaranteed thumbs up. Favored class will be as your race, but you will also be able t treat one type of godling as a favored class, determined by divine parent ex. Mighty godling for thor, clever godling for Loki

5. God powers, now this is the fun stuff. Like I said earlier everyone chooses a divine parent, and as mentioned earlier this divine parent grants you certain intrinsic abilities that fir with their own powers, abilities, attributes etc. these gifts take three forms, and each player gains all three A)each divine parents gives there child access to two skills chosen by the player from a list of skills that make sense for the god. These skills are always treated as class skills and the player also always gets a +4 on any checks made with these skills. B) as mentioned previously the divine parent gives ability bonuses in the form of two +2 and one -2 to abilities that make sense to the god. Str for ares, wis for Athena etc. C) they also give you actual powers, these powers vary from character to character but will always fit with the theme of the god parent. Archery powers for Artemis, breathing water for Neptune.
Not: all god powers will ultimately be written and decided by me based on the “domains” of your divine parents. However many gods have multiple domains, and I mean lots of multiple, in cases like these you can so one of two things. 1)just pick the one you want and that’s what you get. Or 2)roulette, I’ll have you roll a dice and whatever you roll will determine which aspect of your divine parent you reflect.

6. Background, this is really just my serious recommendation to you guys (code for DM demands) I want you all to have an in depth backstory for your character. This doesn’t have to be a book, and for the love of god I hope it’s not, but it should be enough for you to understand where your character comes Crome, how he was conceived (and if you’ve ever read up on Zeus you know how creative you can get here) where/how he fits in the campaign world, and what his motivations are. Oh and physical appearance bears mentioning, a Demi-god always reflects some physical manifestation of their parent. This might be flaming red hair for the son of thor, one hand for the son of tyr, golden skin for the son of Helios, or feathers for hair for the son of that Aztec god with the ridiculous name. This should be accounted for when you make your character. I know this step might seem like a pain for some of you but ultimately it will enhance the overall game experience.

Any question, and i Expect there will be a lot. Feel free to ask me

character creation

Let the god times roll BrandonCotter