house rules

on this page i’ll be posting any house rules for the campaign. it may well be updated as bullshit rules and bad mechanics come to mt attention.

we will be using the rules for mythic tiers. however the ONLY way to get mythic tiers will be to either kill someone that already has them, in which case it will be rewarded to whoever lands the final deathblow, or to do something mindbogglingly mythic and/or awesome.

feats: third party feats are open to players. in addition the 3rd party feat "signature weapon’ can be used in all ways like weapon focus. i.e. as a preq for something else

combat maneuvers: we will also be using the third party maneuvers “sever” and “strangle” the rules for each of them can be found on the d20pfsrd site.

we will also be using the reputation and fame rules, also on the d20pfsrd site.

hitpoint: hitpoints aren’t ruled, use 75% of hit die, 100% at first lvl

death: when a character dies the eplacement character comes in at the lowest amount of xp possible to have achieved the lvl directly below the dead characters lvl. ex. 10th lvl character dies the new character starts at lvl 9

house rules

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