human rules

i’ve decided that in order to add more depth to the human in the world ,who are as always the dominant race in the campaign world, that i am going to introduce racial variants to humans. these will be based around the different groups of humans to be found in the campaign world. each variant will have two bonuses to their abilities which will replace the normal flexible bonus humans have, in addition their bonus skill points will be required to be put into on of their assigned racial skills, this skill will also always be considered a class skill. all other racial features are the same as standard humans.

nornir- the men of the north, partially descended from the sons of Eorl who populated the west centuries ago these men now inhabit the frozen mountains and taiga forests of the northern lands. they are a proud warrior race often in conflict with one another or their neighbors for what scarce resources exist in their homelands. they value a warriors skills above all others and respect only those who have the strength to lead. they are usually tall men who are predominately blonde with blue or green eyes all though some few are different in their coloring. with hair ranging from fiery red to raven black and eyes that cover the normal spectrum of human pigmentation. roughly speaking they can be divided into three “nations” really more like rudely organized confederations of tribes under a single ruler than true kingdoms. the Agens, the most southernly and arguably the most civilized of the northern tribes. they are a people bred for battle, not for them the terrifying charge of the berserker or the reavers wild raids. but rather the tramp of armored feet, the flash of bright forged sword and the battlecry of heros. beyond them lies the realm of the jutgir, bound on one side by their ferocious neighbors and on the other by the icy seas the men of Jutgard have taken to their ships for survival. the curved prow of dragon ships slice through the waves from nornir to the burned lands heralded by the shriek of raven and crash of wardrums as the jutgir sail to battle. finally there are the Hars, the wildest and least civilized of all the northern folk, theirs is the heart of the true barbarian and the strength of the beserker. untempered by the fires of civilizations theres is a rough might and a wild power.

nornir variant
+2 str, +con
racial skills, handle animal, knowledge nature, swim, climb, intimidate, sense motive
norse gods

wester men- the wester men are the true descendants of the sons of Eorl. they are the lords of the western kingdoms and are renowned for the ferocious might of their armies, most notably their heavy cavalry. not only are they mighty warriors but their highly organized kingdoms have come to be considered bastions of civilization in the otherwise wild north of the world. their kingdoms are ruled by a warrior aristocracy elevated above the common man by virtue of rigorous breeding and intensive training. despite this they fail to hold absolute control and subjugation of their people. for even the lowest wester man is still a proud man and is not likely to take subjugation lying down. although the nobility tend to be taller and mightier than the common man, even the average wester man is still considered mightily built by the men of the southern lands. western men tend toward the tall side, though more wiry than their distant nornir kin. their hair ranges from golden blonde to deep brown though the most common shade is a tawny blonde. their eyes cover such a range it is impossible to assume one is more avergae than another in color. they can be divided into four highly organized and distinct kingdoms. however despite there distinction each kingdom has a similar social and political structure. the kingdoms are Andura, Ascilda, Angana, and Eorlinga,

wester man variant
+2 str, +2 int
race skills, knowledge nobility, swim, knowledge local, diplomacy, craft weapons and armor,
continental European gods

summer men- summer men are one of the oldest races of men in the world. their kingdoms were already mighty when the sons of eorl first arrived in the west. once they ruled huge swathes of the world, their empires covered hundreds of leagues ad their armies out numbered the grains of sand on the shores. however due to hubris and decay their empires faded and crumbled. year by year they were forced further back from their conquered lands back into the sunny peninsula from which they first emerged. now they linger there, resting upon past glories and remembering brighter days for their people. however even fallen as they are they are still a force to reckon with. it is in the summerlands that magic finds an outlet, the study of the arcane have been perfected by the many colleges of magic that dot the sunny hills of the southern kingdoms. they regard themselves as the last great light of civilization in a dying world, a bastion of reason and science against the encroaching darkness. their society is highly evolved and centralized, though they still carry the title of kingdom each of the three summer kingdoms has all but done away with the rule of kings. The Daigens are ruled by an elected assembly chosen from their ruling class. while the tyrvans are dominated by the guilds of their city who dominated by politics and the economy. by contrast lakotia is ruled by a three kings each descended of ancient bloodline and afforded equal power under the law. the summerlands are squat and dark with hair that is either brown or black and eyes of similar colors.

summer man racial variant
+2int, +2 wis
racial skills, bluff, sense motive, diplomacy, knowledge arcana, linguistics, appraise
greek gods

the ostgael
the ostgael are a people with a rich past. a past of war, and battle, and heros each tale and deed recorded by a dedicate class of warrior poets. there culture and way f life ae ancient, some even suggest that they predate the great empires of the summerlands. however little for sure is known of their origins for they leave behind few records or monuments. they write nothing down and build from wood and thatch rather than stone and brick. what is known for sure is that they are a people of the sword and the song. few skills are regarded more highly than a poets tongue and a warriors heart. their lands are ruled by a class of aristocratic warrior poets who’s deeds with words is matched only by skill with sword and spear. the greatest wish of these elite is to be remembered in the poems of their descendants, to such affect the countryside is roamed by bands of noble youth seeking the fame for which they so desperately long. there lands can be divided into three kingdoms, each one ruled by a king chosen rather than born. the passage from king to king must be supported by the majority of the assembly of nobles that partially rule each ostgael kingdom. however once this king is chosen he is king until he no longer has the means to be so. the ostgael people are tall and well built with hair that ranges from red to coppery brown. their eyes are almost universally some shade of green. they reside in one of three kingdoms, that of the Raels, the Chloddi, or the Tirans

+2 str, +2 cha
racial skills, bluff, diplomacy, handle animal, perception, preform (sing/oratory), swim
celtic gods

the eastern men- the men of the east are fierce nomads and wild warriors. they are a people perpetually on the move, whos lives are in constant motion. not for them the settled way of castle and city, or the warmth of a constant hearth. they dwell in a land of huge swathes of sky, and milles upon miles of grassy steps. life is a constant battle for survival as rival clans and asterion marauders compete for what few resources there are on the windswept steppes. perhaps its because of this that the children of the eastern men grow up with one eye on the horizon and one hand on their sword. guided by their shamans and wise men the sons of the east wander from camp ground to campground following the great herds that are their key source of sustenance in their barren realm. the men of the east do not build cities, or houses, or even raise tents. instead they dwell in great mobile shelters. huge hide tents fastened to an ox drawn cart. often times whole extended families will share a single hut. living in such close confines it is hardly surprising that the eastern men have developed a culture of shared resources. it is rare for any eastern man to truly own anything other than their weapons and their horse. generally eastern men are of middle height and pale skinned with hair that is uniformly black and eyes in varing shades of brown. they can be divided into three tribes methons, Agars, and Toori

eastern men variant
+2 con, +2 wis
racial skills, bluff, intimidate, perception, ride, knowledge nature, survival
slavic gods

burnt men- the burned men are the last scions of ancient kingdoms. some say that it is from the great deserts that are the domain of the burned men that man kind first emerged, that it is the birthplace for all of human civilization. their lands are dotted by the remanants of ancient civilizations. the faded grandeur of pyramid and minaret guard ancient secrets best left forgotten. for while the burned lands are the home of ancient history it is also the dwelling place of ancient magic and powerful creatures slumbering away in restless dreams. a midst this ancient glory the burned men go about there lives with purpose and zeal. in the desert the nomadic mal-hari avoid the ancient ruins and their demons at all costs while defending themselves from all comers with bow and spear. by contrast the city dwelling jaracen delve deep into the ancient and forbidden secrets of the past searching for stronger and more potent magics. but between the two lies the first kingdom, the oldest realm of man. its borders defended by the families of the Astrani. ancient warrior houses determined to protect the secrets of their ancient homeland at all costs. the burn men tend to be near middle height with dusky skin (from which they draw their name) their hair is without exception black and typically curly to some degree.

burnt men variant
+2 dex, +2 cha
racial skills, sleight of hand, stealth, knowledge arcana, bluff, knowledge religion, appraise
Egyptian/Sumerian gods

the painted men- little is known of the wild tribesmen who inhabit the island chains west of the burnt lands. they are a mysterious and xenophobic people with little contact with the outside world. what little is known about them is little more than hearsay and rumor it is said that their islands are something more than they appear. in crowded taverns and dark streets it i whispered that their island is a gateway to other worlds. that through ancient ruins that predate even the great pyramids of the burnt land ,and built by no human hand, strange realms can be glimpsed when the sun is right and the stars aligned. whats more it is said that man is not alone upon these islands, that the remnants of another older species dwells in the steamy jungles and marshes that cover the islands. it is said that these ancient beings might be the true masters of these island realms, worshipped and revered as a bridgeway to the gods by the men who live in the shadow of their jungle temples. but all this is little more than rumor. what is known of the people who dwell there is that they live in a wild and tribal society, unbound and unrestrained by the trappings of civilization. they are a tall wiry people with skin the color of ebony. perhaps it is becuase of these sinister features that the men of the north believe them the puppets and slaves of sinister beings from beyond the known world.

painted man variant
+2 dex, +2 con
racial skills, intimidate, survival, perception, handle animal, knowledge planes, swim

Dusk men- the dusk men are the denizens of the farthest eastern islands. Theirs is a land plagued by war. However this is nt the ferocious clash of armies, or the terrifying march of hordes found in the west. It is a ritualized form of battle in which famous warriors engage in drawn out and highly ritualized duels relying more on speed than strength. Although these duels are no less deadly fr all that they are steeped in layer after layer of tradition, they spare the lush landscape of the islands from the ravages of armies. These wars are fought by orders snd families of an elite warrior caste who train for their entire lives for the ceremonial warfare of their homeland. And without issue when these men travels to the western lands they are appalled by the perceived barbarism of the western manner of war. This feeling f superiority colors all the perceptions of the dusk men in their interactions with the western world. They see themselves as invariably superior to their western counterparts, not just in terms of the martial but in those of science, nd philosophy and logic they view themselves as superior to all the other races of man. They are typically short and slightl built with oddly yellow skin.

Dusk man variant
+2 int, +2 dex
Racial skills, linguistics, craft(armor and weapons), knowledge religion, diplomacy, knowledge nature

The frontiers
In addition to the above racial groups there are several regions in the world where humans of different cultures come together. These are the frontier regions of the world, where cultures and civilizations blend and clash. These areas are represented by the kingdoms, lands, and tribal regions where no single group holds dominant cultural sway. As such a player who chooses to be from one f these regions can select one of the two types of humans most commonly found there. Similarly religion in these areas is just as fluid as the cultural groups.

The menogens- the menogens is the name for the confederation of tribal groups that dwell in the hilly border lands between the wester man kingdoms and the kingdoms of the summer men. Although not the wild warriors of the far north, or the savage riders of the east they are far from the civilized standards of their neighbors. Their hill lands are rich in many resources but they are noticeably bereft of iron, however they are startlingly abundant in tin and copper. This has led to the menogens smiths perfecting their work in bronze while forgoing the more modern innovation of steel.

A menogen can choose to use either the summer man or wester man variant.

Thegens- the thegens are a warrior kingdom that exists upon the fringes of the realms of the eastern men and the frozen lands of the nornir. Combining many of the most savage characteristics of both groups to create a nation of warriors who have held off both the raiders of the north and the ravaging nomads of the east.

Thegens can choose to use either the nornir variant or the eastern man variant

The anatolans-the anatolans are a nation of semi nomadic hoarders who dwell in the rocky desert between the eastern steppes and the burnt lands. Their lives revolve around their hearts for without them they will certainly fall prey to starvation and famine. As such they will defend them o the death, taking up sword and bow, and spear to strike down anyone who seeks to take what is there. Or keep what they want.

An anatolan can choose either the eastern man or burnt man variant.

The broken island- the broken island is an island in the north west of the world that has long been prey to devastating war between nornir invaders and the native ostgael inhabitants. It is a land ravaged by war, with borders that are in constant flux and no man who can even pretend to claim a kingship. It is dotted by the holdings and fortifications of dozens of petty warlords wo are as prone to sudden, violent, and inevitable shift as the ferocious weather that plagues the island.

A man from the broken island can choose either the nornir or ostgael racial variant

human rules

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