my races

These are races I made up to fill niches in my campaign world, or more often just for the fun of the thing. These are all up for use by you guys freely

Werenir- the blend of man and wolf, some scholars even suggest it is from them that the curse of lycanthropy first spread. created in distant times by the unimaginable power of fey sorcerers to serve as the elite warriors in the battles of the twilight kings. Ages ago They rebelled and established themselves as lords of the great Taiga forests in the north. They live in tribes of semi nomadic wanders amidst the great oaks of their homes. Their culture revolves around battle, courage and lory are the highest ideal to the werenir. They were created for battle and they not only know it, they revel in it. However while their love of battle, and unfixed lifestyle leads them to be almost invariably chaotic they are not necessarily evil. The virtues of loyalty to ones chief and kin are second only to valor and battle prowess amongst werenir tribes and they will often go to astounding lengths to protect and defend there own. what’s more, while they live battle and warfare their battle are rarely fought for material gin or conquest and are more often fought simply for the fun of the Thing. They are typically more physically fit than humans, being both noticeably bigger, stronger, and more physically pleasing. However they are often stunningly foolhardy and so forthright that many more civilized races find them off putting. They typically worshipped Odin, ullr, vidar, or other gods of war and the wilds.

werenir (16 rp) favored class- barbarian, ranger
+2 str +2 con +2 dex -2 wis -2int 1rp
darkvision 60ft 2rp
frenzy 1/day half the bonuses of barbarians rage
quick reactions +4 on initiative
fearless +2 on saves vs fear affects
claws-2 claw attacks as primary natural weapon 1d4 each
Battle perception use dex instead of wis for perception checks

Juttone: once it was not man who ruled the western lands. In the forgotten days the western lands were ruled by the juttone kings. Fearsome warriors, brilliant tacticians, and ferocious berserkers it was said they were once men who had traded away their humanity for an unholy vitality and power. It is said even the war hungry werenir, and the hidden lords of the fey courts were wary of these monstrous demi-men. They ruled what is now called the western kingdoms absolutely and unchallenged for generations. Until the coming of the sons of Eorl. From the east they came wielding weapons of iron and steel. Undaunted by their terrible foes, and with the blessings of the gods the sons of eorl slowing drove the jutonnes from the lands that were to become the western kingdoms until at last the juttones had no refuge left except the vast expanse of the western sea. Taking to their ships the once mighty juttones fled the old lands disappearing into the mist shrouded seas. For centuries it was thought they had perished at sea, but now that the gods have vanished from the world they have emerged again to savage the descendants of their ancient enemies.
By the standards of men juttones are huge, each well over six feet tall and often times so broad in the chest they appear squat. Their hair is universally some shade of red, and their eyes a piercing unearthly green. While there skin is as white as alabaster.

Half undead
+4 str, +2 con, -4 cha, +2 wis, -2 int
Lowlight vision
Bonus feat: power attack
Hatred: +1 on all attack damage rolls and cmb and cmd against western men

Scathach- the scathach are the enforcers of the fey courts. The foot soldiers in the armies of the faerie kings. Their origins are shrouded in mystery, whether they are being of the natural world willingly brought into the service of the great fey lords. Or if they like the werenir are the product of fey sorceries. Whatever their origin they are ferocious warriors, single minded and unwavering in their defense of the court’s forest realms. Many a human king or warlord has regretted his decision to enter the woodland realms of the fey courts when met by the swords and arrows of its scathach defenders.
Taller and more wiry than humans scathach are frequently and erroneously confused with the more mild mannered elves. Their hair ranges from silver blonde to snow white, it is generally worn long and uncut by members of both genders. Their skin appears pale but in the sunlight no different from that of a pale human. However in the moonlight it has a faint sliver shine to it, giving rise to legends that the scathach are imbued with some kind mystical force. Members of both genders are heavily tattooed with swirling patterns in natural hues reds, blues, and greens being most prevalent.

2 str +4 dex 2 int -2cha
Bond to the land
2 ac in forests
Tireless vigil: Members of this race are immune to magic sleep effects and gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws made against enchantment spells and effects.
Iron poison: like all fey scathach cannot wear armor made from iron or steel. If they do they gain the sickened condition until the armor is removed
Fey damage reduction 5/iron, fire
Camouflage: +4 on stealth checks in forest
Stalker: perception, and stealth are always class skills

my races

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